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the Healthiest & the Tastiest

Arab Companies for Modern Industries is one of the leading companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which includes a group of factories,
namely: DALA Juice factory & Dala Water factory.

Dala Juice Factory is one of the leading & distinct manufacturers and distributors of long life juice products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We endeavour to use the best of the best ingredients & processing technologies in our products to ensure a proper blend of both taste & quality. The goodness of DALA is offered in convenient packages of different sizes and varieties to ensure health with great taste in people's life.

Our Vision & Mission

We are committed to believe in touching new heights when it comes to quality & taste. We strive to create new benchmarks to challenge our own limits because our vision is to deliver health with great taste. We take satisfaction in ensuring that every drop of DALA juice & water is bringing smile with health into people’s lives

We are determined to reach every household through innovative, healthy & safe products for the ultimate delight of our consumers. We will enhance shareholders value through sustainable growth, develop strategic relationship with our business partners and ensure safe work environment for our employees.

Why fruits

are important part of our diet?

Fruits are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre & other important nutrients. Fruits help maintain healthy weight & reduces the risk of many diseases. Fruits are delicious & offers a large variety to choose from. Therefore, we think that DALA juice packed elegantly in different packages & sizes offers great benefits to people. We care about people's health & that's what we deliver in DALA juices with great taste.